Little Lovely Lonely Mornings

by Natalie Robin

I woke up at 5:45am today for no particular reason. It’s strange how even when you get enough sleep, if you wake up too early, you still feel tired. Though despite the fuzz in my head, I’m not really the type to laze around, so I got ready for the day and headed up to Bernal Hill.

It rained last night, so I wasn’t quite sure if it’d be all that pretty of a morning, but in its blueness, it was a very beautiful morning. I listened to the same song on repeat convinced that it was the only song that made sense for that particular moment, and being up above the city, felt comfort in the fact that I was that much closer to the sky, which I am often scared of and confused by. The sun apparently was to come up at 7:12am today, and though I couldn’t see the sun, I knew he was there, and I kept thinking,

“You come out for me everyday, the least I can do is come out for you.”ImageImageImage