by Natalie Robin

Writing music is like chasing a high. This obviously sounds cliche, but it is the best correlation I can think of. You crave it, you do it, it starts to feel good until you start to struggle, you can’t stop doing it despite that you’re struggling, and in the end you’re just goddamn tired — not entirely sure if you ever want to do it again, but knowing that you will anyway.

I have gone years where I almost never picked up a guitar or wrote a single lyric to a single song, and now that I am again, it is pretty astounding how quickly it becomes a very addictive undertaking. I can’t stop thinking about it and wanting to do it all the time and hating my day job because it takes time away from it. Thankfully, I think this is a much healthier addiction than other ones, assuming it doesn’t drive me mad. It may have already done this though, as I did the last of my recording in a closet yesterday to get away from the noise.

If you’d like to listen to what I did in this closet, you can hear it here: Tough