Soul Party

by Natalie Robin

Three things I want in life right now: A dog, a band, and a new bike, or if I can’t have those things — just something to do other than study on these beautiful, sad days of a half haze in SF. The first half of my diurnal course was productive, but I realized I was the only one part of that part of my day, and shuffling back home I couldn’t help but feel like I may be missing the inherent generosity of the world. The things I’m doing in my life right now have coerced me to the center of my mind. I see with that mind. My eyes are practically irrelevant these days. I know there is a world, but I just can’t see past my god damn head.  The only thing that did get my attention outside of me today was the “soul party” sign, enthusiastically flashing in the window of the Elbo room and I thought, “yeah, my soul definitely does need a party right about now.”

I also need to stop obsessively watching WWII documentaries, because they make my egocentric dramas (see above) seem so insignificant that I often think I may as well just disappear altogether.