Where Am I?

by Natalie Robin

I don’t even really know the answer to this–but I believe I’m somewhere between psychological tension and neurotransmission failure. I am trying to keep myself on the more modest side of my feelings and this involves exercising a good bit of restraint. Thankfully, I am well-versed in self-control.

I could continue on by saying–oh look how I haven’t written in a while, and you may believe it because there’s been nothing of my own devise up here since my disparagement towards the man at the Bart station, but I write everyday, so really, I just haven’t posted anything in a while. I have a lot of half written entries, but since my brain has moved on from the belief that they were worth discussing, instead of publishing them all, here’s what some were about:

1. meta-writing
2. Little Diomede
3. airplanes and the dynamics of what is known as the “Coffin Corner”
4. being young forever
5. tortured brilliance vs. happy mediocrity
6. sleeping
7. hip-hop
8. my hair
9. cutting my hair
10. “I have been wakig”

The last being a direct copy+paste, including the typo, of how far I got in one entry. Most of them actually were substantial, but I suppose I was feeling especially disillusioned that day. FML. Is this post a total cop-out? I’ll do better.