Oxford Study Bible

by Natalie Robin

I told myself I would follow through with this virtual literary endeavor, but I have been neglecting it for a while now. My mind is being filled daily with theories and rules and writers who are known for constructing lingual labryinths that poor readers have to try and find their way out of, or sometimes even into. Nothing has really made me laugh lately except for a couple scenes from the movie Catfish that I saw the other night, and the scene from Alien where they are at dinner and the phallic looking alien with teeth explodes from Kane’s stomach and looks around before darting off.

I also have just turned twenty-six and in anticipating how I would feel upon this new year, I perhaps lost focus. The verdict, however, and as usual, is that I feel mostly the same except for a few things. I have to urinate a lot more, which I hope is temporary. I like babies. I moved into a new room in my apartment and it’s a lot louder but I have three windows that make me feel closer to the world, I bought a Ouija board and it works, I stopped wanting to dress like a boy but realized that I wear dresses only because it’s easier than putting on pants and a shirt.

I also discovered with the help of Elisa that I don’t feel quite as at peace on even-numbered birthdays, so, here’s looking to you, 27.