On One Knee

by Natalie Robin

“Ursula,” said Gudrun, “don’t you really want to get married?” Ursula laid her embroidery in her lap and looked up. Her face was calm and considerate.

”I don’t know,” she replied. ”It depends how you mean.”

Yesterday, I bought 5 books for 2 dollars, the first of which I started reading was Women In Love, by the very dashing D.H Lawrence. The opening few pages are two sisters respective musings and subsequent conversations on marriage. I have no sisters, and so the immediate bond I felt with the book was not for any sanguine reason, but rather the blasé answer to a conventionality that is both important and sacred to many. I’ve never been able to really conclude how I feel about marriage, but thanks to a socially controversial (and perhaps gay) man from modernist Britain, I realize that “it depends how you mean” pretty much answers it without having to really answer it at all. Cop-outs at their finest.

On a note of much less value, Weather has been beautiful and I can not stop listening to Sade. Pretty sure the two are not related, but the possibility is not far-fetched.I thought I was taking it easy for the week, but I have done nothing of the sort. Still not working, but somehow making some money (not by illegal means, YET).  The only difficult thing about the current state of my affairs is that I’m busying myself with things that are not all that important, which is perhaps affecting my judgment because the other day I bought this: